The Crazy Canadian

The Crazy Canadian

Brad Rey, of Zonte’s Footstep gave us a few minutes of his time to answer some getting to know you questions and his thoughts about The General.










  1. In 50 words or less, how would you describe yourself for people getting to know you?

Born in Canada, studied architecture, fell in love with food & wine industry. Consummate consumer, easy going, generous, no frills kinda guy. Canadian. Old Farty. Social beast.


  1. What’s your favourite Canadian pastime/food, and why?

Ice hockey, I was born in July and started skating at 6 months old. I’ve always been involved in skiing. One of the things I miss the most is the food, good quality Canadian maple syrup, good authentic Mexican food and pumpkin pie.


  1. What was your inspiration for wanting to start up The General?

We have been in the business for a long time. Didn’t want a cookie cutter type of business. We wanted somewhere to go to share the things we love. The brand is most important


  1. Where has your passion for food and wine come from?

I started off working at McDonalds when I was 13 as a night shift manager, then onto Earl’s, which is a huge chain in Canada then when I was 17 & 11 months old I started managing a bar. I trained to be a chef and received my “blue paper” (the Canadian equivalent). I also owned a single malt bar for 15 months. With wine I want to put a smile on peoples faces.


  1. What makes The General unique?

The fact that our fresh food is fresh, we have an immersive culture all about exploration. It’s a communal place where we can come together, how I can show my love to people is how I feed them. The people is what makes the General most unique . All of us involved in it, this is our family, there is no clock on or clock off.

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