The Mr. Riggs

The Mr. Riggs

We sat down for five minutes with Ben Riggs, of Mr. Riggs Wine Co., for an interview about himself and his passion for food and wine and the inspiration behind The General Wine Bar & Kitchen.


  1. In 50 words or less how would you describe yourself (for people getting to know you)?

I am active and passionate about the industry I work in and the community in which I live. I’m a real sports nut and am actively involved in my boys basketball club.

  1. What was your inspiration for wanting to start up The General?

Global domination…. Jokes… I like making things that people like to eat and drink. I wanted something to be the face of what I do and love and to be different to all other offerings.

  1. Where has your passion for food come from?

My mother was an amazing cook she used to make things like schnitzels (which were fancy back then) and croissants. She still cooks the same stuff now as she did 30 years ago. It was amazing. There were always people at our table having a meal on the weekend, we would have 15 people come over for breakfast. Sometimes my friends would even say they would come over just for my mum’s food!

  1. What makes The General unique?

The offering is a set menu, we cook what is fresh, local and delicious. People are given the opportunity to grow and evolve and perhaps try things they hadn’t tried before. The Cellar Door is a Wine Bar, there is nothing like it. The structure of the wine tasting and the food offering is a winning equation.

  1. What’s your favourite food and wine combination?

Um…. I actually haven’t thought about that. It’s a hard one. Rose champagne and oysters.

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